Helping one of the UK’s top five banks to prototype the future of banking

For the past three years Sennep has worked with one of UK’s biggest banks to help with their ongoing digital transformation. With their design-led, digital-first approach we feel we can really flex our ‘customer experience design’ muscles.

Our close working relationship often sees Sennep designers embedded in the bank’s in-house team, bringing a fresh perspective (untainted by any big business bureaucracy), expert advice and speed of design delivery.

Ahead of the curve, we apply design thinking and use new technologies to surface opportunities within this rapidly changing sector. The services we provide are varied, covering digital strategy, proposition testing, design system development, interface and experience design, and brand expression pieces. These services all drive towards the central aim of empowering the bank’s customers to stay in control of their finances, whilst building affinity with the brand.

Digital strategy – a vision for the future

From one-week ideation sprints to more lengthy research and vision pieces, Sennep’s team facilitate cross-department collaboration and stakeholder engagement to drive digital innovation. Not only do we help shape the vision, we also define the roadmap to successful implementation and break it down into manageable milestones.

Proposition testing – ongoing innovation

Whether we’re prototyping a new product or improving an existing feature, our iterative design process involves several rounds of user testing. Using high-fidelity prototyping tools and coded prototypes, Sennep bring ideas to life to bridge the gap between concept and customer. Our process is based on real feedback and provides clarity for stakeholder teams to plan next steps.

Design system – a consistent user experience

We create and evolve design systems to enable the bank’s internal teams to design consistent experiences for their customers. We provide stress tested atomic design systems by validating our work in line with audience feedback. The deliverable, an extensive library of design components, offers increased flexibility, speed and accuracy of implementation.

User journeys – reimagining the user experience

In the past three years we’ve redesigned a number of existing customer journeys for desktop and mobile banking, in response to customer feedback and drop-out rates. Our most successful redesign to date saw digital complaints fall by 80%.

Brand expression – designing what customers feel when banking online

Adding motion to provide instant feedback and context to interactions, we’ve increased the perceived sense of trust and security in mobile banking. These micro-interactions also bring personality and a ‘premium’ feel to otherwise static interfaces, and user tests confirm that these have a positive influence on brand perception.

Conversational interface – making banking more personal

As an ongoing quest to make mobile banking feel personal and friendly, we were asked to investigate the use of conversational interfaces. Working in rapid sprints we validated and refined the proposition, creating a working prototype within 5 days and a fully-fledged conversational interface within five weeks. This was successfully launched to the public a few months later, marking a major first in the way the bank communicates with its customers.


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